Oct 25, 2011

Occupy! Rectify! Purify! Equity!* Our Humanity!

                                                  Occupy a Rain Forest for 6,000 years
                                                Occupy Freedom, Hidden by History's Lies
(A Word for which an Age has come:)
* equity  \ ek-wit-eye \ vt (2011) to make just and right (as a financial or social
or legislative or political or sociocultural system) according to Earth's naturally evolved,
human nature, human being, spirit, culture, and human reality (as opposed  to, and free
from, any civilization's contrived, grafted, fabricated, biased, favored laws of psuedo, 
stratified, violated, unecological human nature, spirit, being, culture, self, world and reality)

Long resurging heart, soul and culture's innate needs:
Sprout, still yet, o'er ego-ethnocentric desires and creeds.

Long resurging, human spirit's growth, still yet, winds
Pathways o'er growths of rationalize-centric body-minds.

Long resprouting, heart's, still yet, blossom: our Spring-season,
Still yet, yield fruit above ego's makeshift, grafted stems of reason.

Long Occupy! Rectify! Equity Humanity, into a Human Spring!
Bear Summer's Lore! Fairness-fruits, still yet, we'll dance and sing.

Affluence gives toward the feeding of egoism's high.  
Not to give of soul: still eludes our human how and why.

Well-being is unfolding loves: our human being's becomings.
Poverty? The wilting of love-growths: humanity's uncomings.  

Copyright 2011 L. S. Heatherly  All rights reserved

Oct 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Re-Occupy Dignity & Human Rights

The elder pundits and politicians are wrong multifariously, about OWS!
What the OccupyWall Street Movement has begun will transcend the politics 
and issues of our, particular Time.

This rebellion is wide and deep within civilization's oppressions of heart and soul;
decades in its waiting; and beyond media's tunneled, commercial vision.

The human spirit and soul have, previously, waited through decades and centuries
of injustices and oppressions for the sociocultural moisture needed to resprout our
humanity toward recapturings of our innate freedoms.

Toward our "truths to be self-evident,"
for our "all men are created equal,"
for our "certain inalienable rights,"
for our "liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
For all human blessings innately endowed.

This is a reaffirmation, of what democracy, as well as the American Revolution
affirmed: that the common people have innate intelligence, abilities, rights and
dignities. Such innate, goodly attributes, that in the course of civilization's events,
are taken from them, upon the Golden Rule's protection being overrun.

In civilizations, the Golden Rule, is widely advocated;
yet, through smooth law and priviledge, is abrocated.
Midst civilization's greedy action,
The Golden Rule very easily goes missing in traction.

The only golden rule on Wall Street is: seize and hoard the gold,
the currencies and equities representing it, into deceitful pockets, legalized to hold.

This rebellion, spontaneous as a Springtime, is quite likely, a fresh quickening
of the West's Last Human Spring, started in the 1960s. And it will likely shoot its
sproutings up through the Winter of Western Civilization for decades to come,
to say the very least.

This rebellion could, conceivably and likely, play a key role in sociocultural justice,
as important, or more so, as the Civil Rights and the Environmental Movement.
It is, conceivably, the beginning of a much needed, unprecedented, American
and Human Revolution, in unity, against a constellation of injustices and oppressions.

Did the US Founding Fathers intend for new, alien, invasive, cultural growths,
marked by inequality and oppression, to occupy human, sociocultural landscape!

Such forces overwelming us, recently in particular, have been progressing and
accelerating -- through high-tech, commercial, financial, oligarchical, plutocratic,
global, corporate empirism, and other alien, anti-human forces-- for over
50 years now, 30 of which have seen the oppressive rule of free market orthodoxy.

Free market orthodoxy, courtesy of Ayn Rand, is the oppression of the peoples' innate,
inalienable, abilities, goodness, rights and dignities via the desires, and educated,
legalized thievery, of the greedy top 1% measured by income and assets.

These toxic, sociocultural artificials do not spring from any USA nor any human,
sociocultural DNA. Genes and DNA are material and physical; and this recently, popular
metaphor denoting favored, social behavior and events is fundamentally ungrounded.

Language, falsely influenced by the Human Genome and its Projects, has
increasingly acquired a new euphemism for favored, sociocultural phenomena:
"it is in our very DNA." (meaning in our sociocultural genome or epigenome).
As usual, what is "in" by verdict of new science and lingo, is completely false.

This quickening of rebellion, --which, as most before it, is not just American,
but human--springs from our social and cultural humanity, deep within us.
It is phenomenal-social-cultural-spiritual-ontological-ecological-epistemological!
It is not material, genomic, nor epigenomic! This rebellion springs from
our human spirit and soul's natural need to be free-- free of artificial obstructions.

As natural to humans, as to buried seeds, waiting for enough moisture to sprout;
this is oppressed humanity's endurance of thirst for freedom of spirit and culture.
Natural freedoms set fruit in social primates, grown-harvested as natural humanity.

OWS's Human Spring is our Founding Father's and our ancient
nurturing's--our human nurturome's-- resurgence of mind, heart, 
spirit and soul. It is the regeneration of humanity's Earth-evolved,
indigenous, primordial, eco-sociocultural humanness.

The Human Spring now witnessed in the OCW Movement is
an expansion of the Environmental Movement's innate impulse
to save the Earth's pristine wilderness and wildlife: expanding this into
a revelation that we must save--through cleansing and restoration--
our natural freedoms; as being a part of Earth's evolutionary creation of Life.
The destruction of rain forests, lands and waters is human self-destruction.

There is still a deeper revelation: the pollution and layered burials
of our humanity within--our heart, spirit, being, culture, and soul--
this inner pollution is the ultimate source of the pollution-destruction of
the Earth-life 'outside us'-- outside our city-selves, lives and worlds.

Long-live the resurgent growth and triumph
of the heart and soul's innate needs:

Long resurging atop the growth of the body and mind's
mere personal and ethnocentric desires.

All human regeneratings blossom heart and soul, in human Spring's season,
to yield fruit above egoism's makeshift, selfish stems of reason.

May OWS become a Human Spring;
and fruit again into a Human Summertime.

*    *    *    *    *

Love, Soul and Liberty

Oh, our besieged, Human Soul!
Rise through rebellion into a Human Revolution,
Mark your rebellions against a constellation of injustices,
Engulfing humanity's sociocultural firmament.

Resist civilization's perennial coldness and darkness;
Embrace resurging liberties of humanity and Earth-life:
Re-light ten thousand campfires to enlighten lost, human rights;
Recapture Earth, restore cultural Sunlight, and social firmament.

Human campfires mark the beginnings of human villages!
Village, family, and Earth are the basic units of Human Liberty!
Speak the basic word to deceit, to social fabrications:
To all subjugations of humanity and soul: speak "No!"

Speak "Yes" to our grandchildren, and to theirs;
Our lovings given them are our deepest unity,
Our only path to Humanity's freedom.

Failing this unity and love,
Failing family, village and Earth;
Therein, lies our ongoing oppression by civilization.

L.S. Heatherly 2011 .. Creative Commons (with citation)

Oct 3, 2011

Finality of Love: Depths of the Human

The truest seekers
Of humanity's light, warmth and splendor;
Of magnanimous, manifold love;
Rediscover our oldest treasure:

Their bounty is Love-- all its natural, ecological, manifold forms,
Reigning as original force, original phenomenon, the roots of humanity:
Of our development, well-being, fulfillment and sustainability.

When we say or feel, "Love is God",
We are in deepest, human togetherness.
There is no reversing this into: God is Love.
We break free on Earth; as one humanity of Hers, at birth!

We skirt free of attaching human traits,
And diverse, conflicting, cultural characteristics
Onto competing man-made Gods of diverse arrogant civilizations.
Earth's commons of humanity--our ecovillages, our souls--recover unity.

All civilizations represent a disintegrative invasion; an anti-Earth nature,
A penetrating, anti-human nature, an alien, artificial form of socioculture;
A violation of Earth's ecologically created, natural socioculture.
Natural culture and society mark and define Earth's natural humanity.

Through Love's universally shared map (nurturome) to human behavior,
Relationships, activities, values, spirituality, culture and lifeways;
Love becomes triumphant, uniting all humankind in unity.

Nations, empires, and all un-natural, un-ecological,
Un-just accumulations of un-human powers, crumble thereupon.
All humans become united as one human condition of being.
All return to evolved, universal, natural, human eco-villages.

When "Love is God" replaces "God is Love";
We are in harmony, in cooperation, as human family on Earth,
Midst other naturally selected, created, interdependent,
Inter-grown families(species) of Earth's life.

From this, Earth's humanity emerged.
To this, humanity, restored into Earth's human nature,
Will return in finality, cleansed of civilization.


The finalities of both love and and real, human philosophy
Are the resurging branching, blossoming and setting fruit:
Our fallings: into perennial, archetypal, Earth-Human villages.

We are our only real fruit: our humanity.
Our soul flows free: with the grace and humility of Earth-life;
Or clots in blockage: with the arrogance and futility of civilizations.

Creative Commons, L.S. Heatherly 2011