Jun 30, 2014

Earth's Natural Human Society

Within the ecovillages (those surviving today or millenia ago),
the Earth-person, family and community live in an intimate
relationship, in a triecologic, organismic, psycho-social-
ontological-ecological union. This, in turn, is in an intimate
union within Earth's ecosphere.

Sharing rules as a lifeway and culture. People know what each
other are feeling and thinking, with less need for speaking.
There are no people digitally talking or digitally writing on screens.
People are in each others presence, on location in an Earth-
village or camp.  Its the realest, longest-running play of humanity.

'Civilization' fragments, adulterates, and alienizes this unity of
ecological, natural human being. Civilization fosters an
unprecedented intimacy inward -- the personal bio-ego-
self with itself, with other egoselves, as well as artificial
objects and phenomena-- while disrupting the other
intimacies with family, community, and local ecosystem.

The balance of all four of these Earth-human entities-
phenomena is essential to the growth, fulfillment, and
perpetuation of human life, spirit, society and soul.

It is from this disruption and destruction of long-running,
human intimacies, loves, carings, nurturings, fulfillments,
and bequeathments that 'civilization is found to be dis-
credited, illegitimate, and transgressive.

It is this revelation (as part of a deep human revelation)
exposing 'civilization's' disruption and dysfunction of
natural, Earth-human evolved (natural) mind, heart, soul,
human being, society, all living nature and their relationships,
that frees our human life-being force away from historical,
life-force (which has violated, divorced and seperated
from our human being-force) to rebond to Earth's living
nature's life-being force and its(hers) patiently evolved
(naturally selected, ecological world (field) of balanced,
harmonious, living beings.

It is, simply, to be with Earth's living beings; or not to be.
To be an Earthly, human being; or be an artificial, invasive,
quasi, un-belonging, alienized, cyborg-being.

(edited from CH I of The Last Human Spring 2002, 2009)
All rights reserved