Mar 31, 2011

Civilization's Rising Debt to Children

I. Wizards of Artificial Curtains

Civilization is written codes, and we are deathly smitten.
Primal children-village episodes, have been sticken!
Once, the paths of life all came insured!
Now, base of We, the family, is endangered!

Yet, there's a way into Earthly-human redemption,
The only way, Earth's play of Life ever mentioned!
The only, sustainable role we can cast
And only Earth-human road that lasts.

Earth-life has birthed and cultured millions of species;
Civilization infects us! Then, oblivious to all mammals' pleas.
Empires enslave and oppress folk-masses of humanity.
Earthiness, and humanness, once, were one innate unity.

Civilization rocks to elites seizing power, an artificial unsustainment.
Blocks re-entrance into human naturality! Our fatal finality!
re-enter Earth-life's 2 million year-old, human sustainability.

Few return to our evolved home within Earth-life!
Breakout to evolved, natural, human culture-- our
Evolved, human culturome(nurturome). Our genomic growth, of
our mind-body organisms, bonds with Earth's eco culturomes.

II. Delinquent Debt to Sacred Childhood

We owe civilization nothing of heart's quest.
It builds new constructs serving coldness of conquests
Over Earth-Human's unity, accord and zest!

We owe our generations of children every song
Under the natural sun, all of Heart-Life's designs!
Earth-life and Human-soul in natural, proven eco-paradigms!

Owe them visions Of Stone-age children, still within:
Of human migrations, human camps and villages;
Of pottery, tools, bones, love-things, in mounds
Still inches and feet beneath their own playgrounds.

Vision of playgrounds as lovegrounds;
Of human passages, past and present, as one;
Of human beings, past and present, re-become one;
Stages of heart's sproutings through time; spare none!

We owe our children their Earth-given birthrights:
Natural contacts, relationships and growths
With Earth-life, elements, Earth-beings and lifeways!
Earth-life, family, community in unconquerable gaze!

With Earth-folk place, time, being, and patterns;
With Earth-humanity's play, work, music, songs,
Celebrations, rituals, ceremonies-- all love belongs.

We owe our children a sustained pilgrimage homeward:
A migration of soul, generation by generation,
Into a long-awaited, sacred Human Heart as one!

III. Love: To Set Free

To love a living thing; simply set it free:
Remove ego's art and tech device;

Timed-release freedom would suffice
The inclusion of Humanity.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly

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