Oct 25, 2016

The Children's Peace Plan

Ask the children for Peace Plans!
No God has ever come!

Food, clothing, shelter.   For these,Love stands! 
Not life forever in hereafter to come!

Silence guns! Testosterone's helter skelter!
Watch joyful child-eyes light up the land!

Set Free family love, 
Root of social-love to rise above!

Community embraces real nest, childhood joy!
Here, life and soul find their ploy!

Ask not that empire rules 
Holding riches stolen! 

By hoax of false divine; 
Stop ceremony devised by fools.

Ask not generals and soldiers!
Here, death and ego run for fun!

Where have all the flowers gone!
To grave yards youth-full, every one!

Yea, children are the future
Of Love and community-nurture!

Chose no more life of greed and hate;
Chose Earth-child -- all, hence, elevates.

Bond human hearts: soul of matter!
Not a never seen hereafter!

Copyright 2016  L.S. Heatherly

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