Mar 31, 2011

Civilization's Rising Debt to Humanity's Children

I. A Fradulent Director

Civilization fails as Director of Humanity's role in Earth-life.
We have lived here naturally, ecologically, for eons.
Let us renaturalize and renurturalize our children
To avoid a human future, now endangered.

Its the only way into an Earthly redemption,
The only way back into Earth's play of Life,
The only, eons-sustainable role we can cast
Ourselves to live as Earth's human beings.

Earth-life has birthed and cultured millions of species;
Civilization infects us, speading outward into all Earth-life.
Civilizations enslave and oppress masses of folk-humanity.
Sustaining Earth's life, and her humanity: are one unity.

Civilization-humanity destroys both--in artificial unsustainment.
To begin restoring some human nature --human naturality,
Is to re-enter Her 2 million year-old, human sustainability.

To return to our evolved home within Earth-life
Is to return to evolved, natural, human culture-- our
Evolved, human culturome(nurturome). Our genomic growth, of
our mind-body organisms, bonds with our evolved culturome.

II. Delinquent Debt to Sacred Childhood

We owe civilization nothing!
It builds new constructs serving the conquest
Of Earth and Humanity's primordial Unity and Accord.

We owe our generations of children everything
Under the natural sun, upon the natural Earth:
Earth-life and Human-soul in natural, proven eco-paradigm!

We owe them an authentic, natural Vision:
Of Stone-age children, still within them;
Of human migrations, human camps and villages;
Of pottery, tools, bones and playthings,
Still inches and feet beneath their own playgrounds.

Vision of playgrounds as lovegrounds;
Of all human essences, past and present, as one;
Of all human beings, past and present, as one;
Of all human hearts as one love, to hug close.

We owe our children their Earth-given birthrights:
Natural contacts, relationships and growths
With Earth-life, elements, Earth-beings and lifeways,
With Earth-folk, family, community and folklore:

With Earth-folk place, time, being, and patterns;
With Earth-humanity's play, work, music, songs,
Celebrations, rituals, ceremonies, manifold loves.

We owe our children a sustained pilgrimage homeward:
A migration of soul, generation by generation,
Into a long-awaited, sacred Human Liberation of Heart

III. Love: To Set Free

To love a living thing; simply set it free:
Remove ego's art and tech device;

Timed-release freedom would suffice
To include Humanity.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly

Mar 3, 2011

Humanity's Genius as Earth-Human Spirit

Our genius is ceaseless, pure spirit:
Human life-force, become soul-force,
Our life-force, become being-force:
Our primordial instinct to be free beings.

We can try any bargain with it:

Place it in pretty house-cage,
Cast it in show, act it in circus.

We can colonize it
Into artificial edifice, the city;

Take it to dinner with wine,
Take it to bed with sex;

Drown it in any pleasure,
Addict it to any obsession,

Mate and marry it off
To science, art, religion.

We can regiment it with formal education,
Pack it into fettered fronteer;

Enlist it into any cause,
Agitate it into any war;

Enlist it into any adventure,
Establish it into any settlement:

Engage it in any institution,
Employ it in any occupation:

Rent and board it through finance,
Reside it in any economy.

Pledge it to any state,
Allege it to any nation;

Install it into any creed;
Buy it with any politics.

Deceive it with any literature,
Oppress it with any ideology;

Tax and confine it by any government,
Occupy it by any empire.

We can domesticate the human spirit 1000 ways;
Channel it through endless, novel systems.

But, having experienced Its first 3 or 5 years
Of pure, natural human love;

It will never, deeply, accord any fabricated order,
Never, finally, honor any contrived treaty or peace;

Never surrender its free being.
Artful deprivations, simply, starve it into cultural chains.

Genius, as abducted, pure, human spirit, love and freedom;
Is Restless Rebel, seeking long-lost home;
Ceasing only upon death.

This, our purity, our innocence, our human soul,
Lies buried inside our civil, toxic human condition.

Re-conceive, re-birth, carry on, this pristene humanity.
Re-inhabit it, in cleansed Earthly-human, childhood-home:

Pure, brain-body growth-- human genome,
Bonded with unpolluted, eco-social-cultural growth:

Our pure, natural nurtrings-- our nurturome;
In these Earthly manifold loves; human spirit touches home.

Copyright L. S. Heatherly 2010