Jul 30, 2012

In Memory of Margaret Velma Arellano

Margaret Velma Arellano was born
March 6th, 1956. She was born to
Manuel and Mary Arellano in S.E.
Phoenix AZ, having about 8
sisters and 2 brothers. At age 8, she
fell off a school teeter-totter and was 
afflicted with epilepsy for the remainder
of her life. Her father was from
Mexico and her mother(or her parents)
was from Texas. As children, Margaret and
her siblings spoke both English and Spanish.
Her attemps to hold a job after 3 years
of college were dashed by her primary
affliction. Following her older sisters,
she pursued marriage 4 times,
encompassing about 4 years all together.
Spurred partly by step-father problems,
she briefly married a Native American man,
while still in HS. Her other 3 husbands were white.         
Bubbling over with delight, she pranced across the hospital ward floor to meet
Heatherly, on or about July 1st 1981. (She and all but one of her sisters favored
"white boys".) The two were a bit smitten instantly. She was released after 3 days;
but, he located her, again, about a year later. Following about 3 weekly visits to her
apartment, he took a studio apartment next to hers. LS and Margaret attempted a
romantic relationship that LS left unconsummated for nearly two decades, due to her
other men friends, past and present. She was, indeed, one half tomboy. Fresh from
a marriage, she was after a husband; he, more simply, sought her as long-term, monogamous
girlfriend. After 4 months of days mixed with frustrations, he told her that their
beautiful friendship should be saved; and to that end, he would re-commence seeing
her weekly so each could have that to cherish. He fairly quickly became her confidant.
Heatherly was quickly popular with some of her family (a lawyer, an editor, a
psychologist, a police officer, a business owner, et.al.). He attended a family
softball game (his accuracy, by acclamation made him the pitcher) and several
family parties. Margaret, was puzzled by his reserve toward her; she was short on
communication skills. Some sisters repeatedly advised, "He loves you." Heatherly's
philosophical-psychological-anthropological heart and mind had long-needed 
affection for and from a girl like her. She fed his regeneration after an illness, and
played a vital role in strengthening the ongoing pathway of one unique, maverick, lieteray
soul on a breakthrough mission for humankind's well-being. Her heart and soul had
their reasons as well.

Earnestly, LS plunged into probing and discovering the nature of this unique
woman and her lifeworld. Many times later, he said, "I could write a book about
her." After almost a year, Margaret's housing came up for sale; whereupon LS
located her an apartment she liked, and helped her make the move; and, eventually,
four more times, in coming years.

They continued their friendship based on their errands and outings every 3 weeks for many
many years, then, later on, 6 to 12 times a year. This period entailed, for Margaret, 2
subsequent short-lived marriages. She was a  bus-person; while LS was a good, old
car-person. Of LS's few girl friends in life, she was the dearest in his heart. Both not
the marrying kind,  she did come to accept this about herself.  Pics = 1000s of words. 
PicsMargaret in '92: Margaret at age 13; W Clear Creek, '99...LS and Margaret, '95